February 12, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for February 12th

After the sparse offerings of last week, this week does a complete 180 and threatens to empty our wallets completely! (Or at least partially.)

Skyfall and The Man With the Iron Fists are the Must Buy's of the week for us. Neither are Horror flicks, but they are none the less Genre flicks that we need to own. Good times will be had with these two.

Redemption's slew old school releases look pretty tempting too, because who doesn't love 70's and 80's classics on Blu-ray? Communists, that's who.

Silent Hill: Revelation will surely look great on Blu-ray, but it wasn't the best movie. We may pick it up once it hits a lower price. Maybe.

We'll have reviews for Mimesis and Kill For Me coming soon, so maybe they'll end up being good enough to buy, but as for the rest of the week's releases, they're all crap shoots.

And as always, Smiley can suck it. Seriously, Smiley... suck it.

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