July 18, 2011

The Worst of 2011, so far...

The following movies are the creative paper cuts that irk us, the celluloid splinters that we can't seem to dig out of our thumbs, the cinematic knives in our collective backs. 2011 has given us some plain old bad movies. A movie can be bad for many reasons, and the ones we've listed below all have their own, but bad is bad and these are the genre flicks that rubbed us the wrong way and made us rage. They all went awry in one way or another (or in the case of some, many ways.) Click the pics for our reviews, where we make with the gory details... all except for Dylan Dog. We didn't review Dylan Dog, mainly because it was so bland and boring that we had no motivation to type a word about it. It also gets hard to keep writing reviews for bad movie after bad movie, in a genre that seems so full of them. We even started doing "5 things we liked about..." posts to go along with the bad movies, just to be fair. See how benevolent we are? So, no Dylan Dog: Dead of Night review. Just trust us, we promise it wasn't very good.

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