July 26, 2011

Quick Review: Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)

I guess the best thing we can say about Quarantine 2:Terminal is that at least it isn't a direct remake of [REC2]; The producers went their own way with the material, and for that at least, they get some kudos. That's not to say that there's nothing else good about Q2, because it wasn't all that bad...

Beginning sometime directly after the events of Quarantine, Q2 is the story of a late night flight and a little stowaway virus that wreaks havoc on the passengers.

I guess you could technically say the virus is airborne at this point, right?

Heh. Yeah.

It appears that she does not appreciate our humor.
The plane is nearly empty save for a fat guy who needs two seats; a tough-as-nails kid who is tough enough to fly all by himself; an annoying young couple in love; some hot stewardesses; and a sweet-as-pie scientist, who just so happens to have a cage full of hamsters with him... now guess which one is responsible for dooming them all with the virus? If you said the fat guy, you're wrong. Sure, fatties are to blame for most pandemics, and his burly ass does get sick first, but for me, it's the hamsters.

They're filthy little creatures, and I don't trust them. I never have. 

They're always watching. Always.
After team hungry goes on his infected rampage up and down the aisleway, they land at the closest airport, and hide in the baggage area until help arrives. Little do they know that when help arrives, they will be...QUARANTINED (part 2)! Much as you'd expect, everyone spends the rest of the movie running around in a panic, glaring at each other suspiciously, and dying.

...and injecting shit into their eyes.
Q2 was not as good as Q1, which was certainly no [REC], which it was a direct remake of. What in the hell does that even mean? Well at its essence, it means stick with [REC] and [REC2], which are much better films. To a lesser extent, it means that Quarantine 2 wasn't bad, but it was no Quarantine. which was no [REC]... eh, you get the point.

Even after infection, she still seems less than amused at our attempts at humor. Who so serious, huh?
Q2 didn't have the same feel as its predecessor did, and that's due mainly to the fact that the shaky POV camera style of the first movie (as well as the [REC] films) was absent. Looking like a "regular" movie made it feel less regurgitated in a way, although the jarring POV style does bring with it a certain amount of tension, and a fair amount of scares. It wasn't the biggest deal in the world, it was just different. I'm analyzing this movie way too much.

For some reason, this scene felt very Fulci-esque to us.
In all fairness, Q2 is about as good as a direct to DVD movie can hope to be these days, though it does have its faults. It's fairly predictable, it's not all that creepy, though it has moments of decent tension throughout, and the acting is less than stellar. Still, it's a decent direct to DVD sequel, and even has a decent ending. If you're down with the whole infected/zombie sub-genre, then by all means check this one out. You might just have fun with it.



She's in this. Meow.


  1. Just saw this. Couldn't help my curiosity.

    I actually thought this was better than expected and what I expected is how you wrote it out. I know I know you didn't say "Do not want!" but I still think the movie deserved more credit than just "originality" and a C grade.

    In fact, I may even go as far as saying I was more thrilled by this one than Rec 2. Rec 2 was good but somehow after watching this one, it seems to far fetched. Its not to say one should curb their imagination but this plot somehow seemed very viable. I liked the terrorist angle more than the supernatural demon of Rec 2.

    Also the whole nightmare of being 'quarantined' all over again, esp for the viewer who has seen the first part, somehow gives that thrill of "Oh boy! U don't the shit thats coming for you!" Only place it fell was in the dialogues and some of the normal plot bit. For a few seconds here & there, a cheese fest!

    I would definitely recommend this to horror/zombie fans.

  2. This seemed pretty ambitious when I first hear of it...I thought it was getting a theater release?!

    Anyway love the site would you guys considers review requests? Would love to hear you're thoughts on the After Dark Horrerfest 2006/2007 films which I don't think are on the site. The films from those years are particularly divisive.



  3. Anon, we didn't "review" any of the 2006/2007 ADHF movies, but we saw them all. We need to do a retrospective of all of the titles.

    In short, for 2006 we loved the Gravedancers. Truly creepy. We liked
    Unrest and The Hamiltons. The Abandoned, Penny Dreadful, Dark Ride and Rinne were alright. You can keep Wicked Little Things and Hood of Horror :)~

    In 2007, borderland, Mulberry, Ian Stone and Nightmare Man were decent, the rest didn't do much for us.

    Horrorfest 2009 was decent, but 2010 was the best HF year yet. Dread, Lake Mungo, Kill Theory, and Hidden were all solid and even exceptional in ways.

    At some point, we will do a HF retrospective though. That would be fun.

  4. Those echo my picks! Gravedancers and Kill Theory in particular are super underrated.