February 26, 2010

This actually exists...

I have no words.


  1. I'm surprised Method Man, Snoop or Ice T isn't in it. Now thats a turn up for the books. They must've had swine flu or something when they were casting,
    Only explanation.

  2. But it does have someone named IB Smooth in it, so, that's a straight win.

  3. What grinds my gears is that there are horror-themed scripts out there with predominantly black characters that are actually pretty good but they get ignored in favor of shit like this. It makes crap like Bones look like a masterpiece.
    Wes Craven, more People Under the Stairs please. Ernest Dickerson....what the hell are you doing? Deon Taylor.....please stop!!!!

  4. Skip this awful posts and give us some more reviews!!!