February 14, 2010

Review: Diagnosis Death (2009)

I really wanted to like this movie. It's got the Flight of the Conchords guys in it, I have a weakness for British Horror (my mistake, should have been NZ), and the premise sounded cool...

This is one of those "Do Not Want" movies that doesn't really suck, isn't shoddy, and has some likable actors doing a decent job, but it manages to make the worst mistake that a Horror flick can make... and that is that it failed to be scary, even in the slightest. Worse still, since this is supposed to be a Horror Comedy, is the fact that it's not funny in the slightest, either.
If I'm being honest, it was bland, dull, boring, slow, and it just made me not care at all what happened. It plays like an episode of the old Goosebumps TV show; it's safe, and perhaps a bit endearing, but offers you nothing else. It's not irredeemably bad, but you ask yourself why in the hell you're watching it, because you know in the end it's going to leave you unfulfilled and wanting your wasted time back.

Yes, run from this movie. Run far away.
I really don't want to rip on this move, as I didn't truly hate it, but I'm obliged to tell you to go find another ghost story to watch unless you really need a nap.

Gandalf is not amused by this mockery!
 At least Jessica Grace Smith (The Devil's Rock, Spartacus) is in this.


  1. Well, it did look like shit to me.

  2. British ? It's from New Zealand...

  3. My bad, I meant Kiwi!

    I apologize to all the good people of NZ. And Great Britain LOL