February 5, 2010

Review: She's Crushed (2009)

I hate ripping on lower budget movies, mainly because I imagine that a lot of heart and effort went into making them, even when they suck.

You can tell that they tried with this one (the writer, director and actors), but it just failed miserably. This movie does everything exactly the opposite way that Fatal Attraction did them back in the 80's, like sucking for instance. I say this, because it's obviously a Fatal Attraction clone in most ways, but it has NONE of the same qualities about it, not even the bad ones.

Some scenes in this movie were unintentionally funny, which is never good for a Horror flick. The main chick who is "crushed" overacted terribly. Maybe in the hands of a director that could have coached her better, she could have been decent, but it was tough to watch. For the record, and so as to not single any one actress out, none of the women in this movie seemed to be all that good.

"Um, like... hello?"
The main guy was decent, and the other guy was pretty funny, but the girls... it was all overacting and mumbling the lines. Really. Did the girls have odd accents, or were they just slurring? For gore lovers, this movie is a blood soaked gem, though as I said before some of the scenes were laughable, and especially the fighting/wrestling/torture scenes. Still, gore fans at least have something to enjoy. On a positive note, there was at least one really hot naked chick on display here, and in a movie this bad, that's a big plus. That's it, I will say no more. I don't want to seem overly cruel here. For most people, this movie is better skipped than watched.

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As I said above, it looks like everyone involved with this movie really tried to make it good, but in the end it just comes off as being amateurish and uncomfortably bad.

Natalie Dicksinson is bloody hot... heh.

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