June 2, 2008

Solo Review: Waz (2008)

A veteran detective and his hot piece-of-tail newbie partner (Mmmelissa George!), are out to find a clever serial killer who has a deep message to share with everyone. The deep, dark and brooding inner city streets are perfect for this remake of Se7en... Hold on, this isn't a remake. Moving on, the killer sets up a series of very clever "Will you kill your loved one to save your own pathetic life?" scenarios, and it gets pretty nasty. Jigsaw gets all feminine this time out... wait a minute... this isn't Saw XXI... Anyways, someone is out to get some payback for a gang-rape gone wrong (is it ever right?), and also finds time to do plenty of mathematical equations along the way. I could easily make a pi joke that would fit perfectly here, but I digress. Ok, I lied:

pi=3.14159265 or vagina
The dark, inner city, cliche' Horror, brooding cop vs. eager cop, "this is a lot like that other movie" stuff rolls along, and delivers some hot "nail hammered under fingernail" action. I won't ruin the ending for you here, but I will say that being gay doesn't mean you should lose have to your wiener. Does no one believe in love anymore?; Hot, sweaty, ghetto-fabulous, man-on-man love?

These guys sure do.
WAZ is a decent flick, although it is painted rather heavily at times in shades of Se7en, Saw, and a few other Torture Porn flicks. It's definitely not in ripoff territory though, and it delivers some nice moments throughout. The overall story is a good one, and the movie doesn't aim to shove the all too popular surprise twist down your throat at the end, although there is a small one. Stellan SkarsgÄrd rules as always; what a great actor he is. Mmmelissa George is hot as always; what a great piece of ass she is. It's also cool to see her in yet another Horror flick. God I love her... Now if she'd only get naked more often.

Tom Hardy!
It's nothing we haven't seen before. Also, Mmmelissa George's character is a little to pouty and useless here.

But at least she's still hot.
What is with all of the anger towards penises in Horror movies lately!?!?!?

The international symbol for penis solidarity.
A fairly disturbing gang-rape flashback, some painful to watch torture moments, and the disturbing actions of a bad mommy are enough to make the average viewer cringe.

Crack whores make terrible mothers. Also, gay interracial love never works.

Also, bitches be crazy.
Waz is a decent enough effort, and worth catching if you get the chance. Mmmelissa George is always welcome on our screens anyways, isn't she?


Waz is available now on Import Blu-ray and DVD.


Mmmelissa George strikes again!

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  1. Yup, this was a good movie and it totally proves that man-on-man "gay love" is stronger than:

    - the bond between a mother and son

    - the bond between brothers

    - the bond between grandson and grandmother

    - boyfriend and girlfriend "straight love"

    Sorry Jason, looks like you'll have to go find some man candy.

    Uh, I kid...of course (not that the gay agenda couldn't do with some extra members).

    - Zac