June 16, 2017

What's New on VOD This Week? (6/13-6/16)

An experiment in social murder, some haunted Italian Woods, some PTSD, a cheesy kids flick, and Wesley Snipes back in Wesley Snipes mode... it's a decent enough week on the VOD front.

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  • The Belko Experiment is probably the best bet for a quality genre flick on VOD this week (it's got a great cast and premise), although...
  • ...Deep in the Wood looks really interesting. It's been a while since we've seen a good Italian Horror flick (even though they don't really make 'em like they used to), so we're curious to take a look at this one.
  • Camera Obscura also looks promising.
  • Power Rangers is what it is. The kids will dig it.
  • As for The Recall, well it looks cheesy as hell, but it's Wesley Snipes vs. Aliens! Come on!

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  • Plenty of B-grade movies down here this week, if that's you're thing. There's actually a movie called Tsunambee, and yes, it looks as bad as it sounds.
  • Happy Streaming!

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