June 17, 2017

Short Film Saturdaay: T is for Twig (2012)

"Two hot girls are walking through some woods talking about boys. The girl behind can't stop staring at the others ass. They sit down for a minutes rest and end up making out. As one girl is pushed to the ground in a horny frenzy a twig sticking menacingly from the ground stabs clean through her head."

T is for Twig was a submission for The ABCs of Death that was never used, and we're not sure why. It's well-made, sexy, and bloody, and it could have easily made the cut, as some of the shorts in that movie weren't that great at all.

Like they couldn't have renamed it K is for Kiss of Death or something?

What's more horrific than two hot chicks getting ready to get it on, only to have their sapphic bliss grind to a halt because of a twig through the throat?

It's a cold, cold world.

This one is short but sweet. 

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