March 22, 2014

Hannibal Season 2 Episode 4, Takiawase, gave us all sorts of feels!

Having just finished watching Takiawase, the 4th episode in Hannibal's thus-far fantastic 2nd Season, we find ourselves emotionally drained; the episode was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, you see.

First, it gave us some melancholy nostalgia feels, then it made us terrified of bees, then it made us sad, then we wanted to punch Dr. Chilton in his mouth (per usual), then we found ourselves terrified of acupuncture, then we had a Batman flashback, then we were all like "Ok, now just get out of there!," and then there was that ending...

I know that's a lot of "then's", but this is one of those shows that slaps you around like that. Repeatedly. Then, it hugs you. It basically messes with your mind on purpose.

We're trying to be as vague as possible here, because spoiling this show, and how it unfolds, would make us even bigger assholes than we normally are. We truly don't need any help being bigger assholes. Trust us.

As far as the last scene of the episode goes though, we will say this: it reminded us a lot of specific scenes from both Zodiac and Silence of the Lambs, and it had us completely tensed-up and butt-puckered for a solid three minutes... and then the credits rolled... and left us hanging.

That ending was Hannibal's Carcosa scene, as far as tension goes.

What we loved:
That opening fishing scene.
"Only by going deep beneath the skin, will you understand the nature of this killer's pathology."
Those sodium amytol-induced "truths."
Jack blazing that Purple Kush. 
Honey Bunny!
That lobotomy.
That living-zombie.
"Stay away from Hannibal Lecter!"
That Harvey Dent coin flip. 
That entire last three minutes...

What we didn't:
That entire last three minutes... Because why would you cliffhanger us like that, Bryan Fuller!? *We know why, but come on, man... we need answers!

I guess we'll just have to suffer until next week when we get our answers, even though we can already pretty much guess what the outcome of that last scene will be. Now we're sad again.

See? This show just emotionally bitch-slapped us again, and it's been over for like three hours now!



  2. j.s. greer - sorry , i was in a bad mood or something : )
    so much for being the 6'6 240lb struggling MMA stand up comedian- i will give up comedy.
    i just cant get into the show. i also gave up on walking dead ,etc i honestly am really a fan of this blog , it keeps me going during a crazy week - sometimes i get home and i can barely stand up and i watch these shows - maybe i should watch when im less tired.

  3. Everyone can't like everything. Me (or us) liking a show doesn't mean anything one way or another. It is what it is, despite our opinions on it.

    The Walking Dead we still watch, but it definitely is frustrating as it is enjoyable. I like a couple of the characters, LOVE the zombie FX/scenes, but it's nothing that I HAVE to watch right at 9 every Sunday, you know?

    Hannibal we like because as "odd" as it definitely is, it's just a well-crafted show, in all aspects. That doesn't mean that people will take to it.

    Gravity just about swept the Oscars this year, and I personally don't care if I ever see it again. It just didn't resonate with me, you know?

    Don't ever apologize for your tastes. *Except to us because we're always right! :)

    P.S. If you can figure ou how to tell jokes DURING an MMA fight, you'll be on top of the world.

  4. Ill tell you what , the fact that i can see this blog and that Game of thrones is starting next week im going to feel alot better alot sooner. the stuff i like the best is the foreign horror stuff i think it has a real vibe to it and holds my attention better. i just read your latest review of PARANORMAL and you were dead on man. i mean that was pure financial benefit for the makers , utter crap for the viewers. i really liked the first 3 , now its stupid. the scariest movie you recommended that i loved was the first V.H.S. that first episode blew me away - stuff like that is cool. oh yeah , same here on gravity, for sure. dallas buyers club was scary in its own way makes me have alot of sympathy for people who get hated on for there sexuality and what not the mid 80s was a scary place for people who were first to get aids.
    thanks for allowing me to babble like a fool.

  5. Game of Thrones is so good! Can't wait until Sunday.

    Thumbs up to Foreign Horror! As far as Gravity goes, it was fun, but where were movies like Mud, Short Term 12 at this year's Oscars? Both of those were excellent flicks that had real heart.

    Dallas Buyers was definitely scary in its own way. That was a great movie, and watching Mcconaughey and Leto act their asses off was an experience to say the least.

    And we babble like fools all the time, so it's only fair that you get too also :)