March 6, 2014

10 Posters: The Crawling Edition

We never realized just how prevalent crawling away from something terrifying was, until we saw these posters. Even our banner* up there is getting in on the act! *Taken from the Grave Encounters 2 poster.

Apparently crawling away from such menaces as maniacs, ghosts, trucks, birds, or wolves is the way to go, because why would you want to run instead? We all know that running is nowhere near as fast as crawling is, hence why the Olympics feature so many crawling-based events...

What we found really crazy about this trend, was just how much alike these posters look. These are all newer, cheaper Horror flicks, so there's no homage or tribute going on here... Maybe it's just best to say that most of these posters were "inspired" by the  others. Yeah, that sounds far less accusatory than "copied," or "ripped-off."

It looks like Dead of Winter (2006) started the recent "crawling" poster trend, but never fear, other movies like Absentia perfected the art form. We don't know who started the whole thing, and it doesn't really matter. All that does matter is that these posters look a lot alike. You could honestly take any of the girls on these posters, Photoshop them into any of the other posters, and it would look perfect.

You gotta love low-budget Horror!
Is that carpet that she's digging her nails into? Because you can't really do that with rock.
Dirt, you could probably dig your fingers into. It's going to be painful, but it can be done.
She has the exact same hairdo as the chicks in the first two posters do!
Maybe she slipped and fell, because, black ice.
Is she really watching TV like that? And what exactly is on Channel 3?
That dark, side-swept hairdo is back!
You can't out-crawl a truck, dummy! (Unless of course, it's stopped.)
Where exactly is she crawling to? Her hand is probably touching the wall in front of her!
Can't really criticise her for crawling, because she's not outrunning a wolf anyway.
That's a big, big shed.


  1. hahahahahaha, this made me laugh a little.

  2. I feel that I have to point out that posters one and six have the SAME photo of the SAME woman. A little photo shop and and little cropping... BOOM she's got two pay cheques!!

  3. You may be right, Anon. Nice catch!

  4. Nice one. Very entertaining. Are any of these films actually worth watching? Juding from the posters, I suspect not. ;-)

  5. Dead in 3 Days was a pretty decent Austrian/German Slasher flick. Roadkill (the one with the truck) was awful.

    You may suspect right as far as the rest of them go lol

  6. The dark, side-swept hairdo is back!