March 8, 2014

The Tourist Trap (1979) is now available on Blu-ray!

One of the most genuinely creepy movies ever made, the Tourist Trap (our review HERE), is finally available on Blu-ray.

Amazon has it listed for an April Release, but Full Moon Features is already selling it from their Amazon Store. You can click the poster above to be taken there, if like us, you couldn't wait until April to order it

Our copy is in transit, so we can't say how great (or not great) that this new version is, but we have to imagine that it has at the very least been cleaned up, and will look and sound better than it ever has.

We'll be reviewing the Blu-ray asap once we have actually seen it, so until then, all we can do is be excited!

It's the little things that make our day. Always the little things.

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