March 31, 2014

Our Theatrical Release Date list has been updated through June!
Click the pic for the full Theatrical Release Date List!
As the snow melts away, and the cold fucks off like it should have weeks ago, the release calendar for movies continues to fill up with worthwhile offerings.

Horror & Genre flicks like Afflicted, Stage Fright, Oculus, The Borderlands, Wolf Creek 2, Blue Ruin, The Quiet Ones, The Sacrament, The Signal, and Snowpiercer will be hitting screens both big and small soon, which excites us to no end.

Even the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) is getting a Theatrical Run to celebrate its 40th Anniversary, boasting a new 4k scan and all.

And let us not forget the Non-Horror releases that are still of major interest to us like The Raid 2, Captain America, Brick Mansions, Spiderman, Godzilla, X-Men...

There is no shortage of worthwhile material hitting Theaters and VOD in the next few months. So grab your tickets and mark the dates! *Except for VOD releases... there are no tickets to be grabbed for them.

"Up yours, winter!"

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