March 10, 2014

Our TV Release Date Page has been updated!

Now that True Detective is all done (sob), we've updated our TV Show Page to reflect both the noteworthy shows that are on now, and the one's that are premiering between now and the end of June.

True Detective ended tonight, Banshee ends this Friday, and Justified and The Walking Dead each only have a few episodes left...

But at least have Hannibal, Those Who Kill, Bates Motel, The Americans, and The Blacklist (amongst others) to tide us over until Game of Thrones premieres in April.

Still, it's sad to see so many of our faves go in such short order.

Anywho, click the links above to visit our TV Show Page, and stay on top of what's coming out, and when.

Also, be sure to peep our Top Six Shows that are airing right now... because if we're glued to the screen when they're on, so should you be!

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