August 6, 2013

Vera Farmiga is a Horror Hottie!

Who ever thought that Norma Bates could be so crazy and creepy... and yet so downright sexy at the same time? We surely never did, but thanks to the talents of Vera Farmiga, we have ourselves a little MILF complex going on now. We're not trying to sell her short here. On the contrary, she's a hell of an Actress that picks great roles to lose herself in, it's just that seeing her "too close" relationship with her on screen son (Norman Bates), triggers our taboo alarms. What's disturbing about that is that Bates Motel is a show that deals with rape, incestuous over/undertones, sex trafficking, sex, murder and violence... all of which should and does disturb us, but it also leaves us saying "Damn Vera, you look good even when you creepy."

I guess it's fair to say that Norma Bates wants to snuggle her son Norman with her mouth. It really is some edgy subject matter, and thank God they at least cast someone as hot as Vera to tackle it... which kinda sucks at the same time, because we're all like "Vera, you dirty girl... wait, that's your son! Stop!... or go on... no!"

It messes with our heads, man. Since that's probably the point of the whole thing, all we can say is well done, Bates Motel creators. Well done.

"Mother is going to hug you with her mouth now, Norman, and this time I want you to cry."
Sexy, sassy Ukrainian-American Vera Farmiga seems to play Mothers a lot. She adopted a creepy midget in Orphan, and she saw her son go crazy and try to kill/drive his whole family insane in Joshua... combine those movies with her Motherly role on Bates Motel, and it's fair to say that she has issues as a fictional parent. Sometimes, those issues are really creepy.

"That's right, baby, rub your snake on Mommy's face..." Oh come on, Vera!
At least she played a kick-ass Mom that takes up for a helpless little neighbor kid in the VERY underrated Running Scared. When she gets a call in the middle of the night from said kid, in which he claims he's being held hostage by a rapey, child-molesting couple, Vera hightails it over there, forces her way in the house, and blows everyone the fuck away!!! It's a brilliant, creepy scene that you need to see if you haven't already. Just get yourself a copy of Running Scared, you won't be sorry.

A hot chick showdown for the ages.
Bates Motel is not the first great Cable TV show that Vera has starred in; she first aroused our proverbial loins way back in 2004 on the short-lived USA Network show, Touching Evil. We loved the hell out of that show when it first aired, which meant of course that it was destined to be cancelled way too soon (thank you, shitty American TV audience), but at least it gave us Vera. In all fairness, she had been in a bunch of stuff before Touching Evil, but we just never noticed. Shame on us, I suppose.

Plenty of FBI agents look like this. Plenty of them.
Oh yeah, and she also starred in this creepy little movie called The Conjuring, that has pretty much made the Box Office its bitch this Summer. So with that, and her Emmy Nomination for Bates Motel, it's fair to say that she's having herself a banner year.The Oscar/Golden Globe nominations for Up in the Air were probably nice for her too, but just not as cool.

She's so pretty when she screams.
I guess for fans like us, it just doesn't get better than a hot, talented Actress that isn't afraid to dip her dirty toes into the deep end of the genre pool. It's even better when that same Actress has no issue with getting naked, and is able to tackle some pretty tough subject matter with her roles... I mean, incest and child molestation aside, Vera Farmiga will kill some people on screen like it ain't no thing.

She's so brave, and we most def love her for that. We also love her for DAT ASS, but that's neither here nor there.

Someone out there on the internets (4chan to be exact),  made this wicked little collage of the many faces of Norma Bates. It's  so cool that we just had to share. Click to enlarge this bad boy, and enjoy.
This Ukranian Hottie has been nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe and an Emmy, and yet she's still right here with us, doing awesome genre work. We love our sexy Norma Bates, and this Halloween Season we will be checking out The Conjuring and Orphan again, because they both fit the mood of the month perfectly. *Running Scared is still our favorite Vera flick, though.It's just seriously awesome.

Oh, and let us not forget that the sexy and talented Vera has an equally versatile little sister who is destined to become the 2nd Farmiga Hottie to grace these pages... yes, Taissa, we're talking about you. You're 18 & fair game now, so look out for us!

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