August 29, 2013

Quick Review: The Frozen Ground (2013)

(aka Alaskan Hookers Must Die)
Release Date: On VOD now.
Country: USA
Written & Directed by: Scott Walker.
Starring: Nicholas Cage, John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens, Dean Norris, Radha Mitchell and 50 Cent. Also, Coover from Justified is in this.

This is one of those "Based on a True Story" movies that is actually based on a true story. It's not some lame advertising fake-out, we promise.

In the early 80's, Robert Hansen kidnapped, raped and assaulted 30 women in Alaska, killing at least 17 of them. As far as Serial Killers/Serial Rapists go, he has a pretty extensive resume. For a more extensive overview of this creep, head over to his Wiki page, HERE. It's an interesting read.

When we first heard about this movie, we we're instantly intrigued; I mean, to see John Cusack playing this sick creep is just something that we couldn't pass up, right? He's usually so sweet and likable in his movies, who wouldn't want to see his darker side on film for a change. Add to that the fact that Nic Cage is playing the Cop who is hot on his trail and dedicated to bringing him down, and we were double-sold.

Plus, we're generally suckers for Serial Killer flicks anyway. What can we say.

A 17-year-old hooker (Vanessa Hudgens) is picked up by some old creeper (John Cusack) for what is supposed to be a simple beejer, and is instead taken at gunpoint to his house, chained by her neck to a pole in the basement, and subsequently tortured and raped. Repeatedly. She eventually escapes and reports it all to the cops, who ignore her because she's a whore, and is either lying or had it coming.

Enter Nicolas Cage, a Detective with a heart of gold who only has two weeks left on the job when this case is thrown into his lap. Falling under the sexy spell of Vanessa Hudgens, he vows to bring this creepy sex-murderer to justice, even if he has to go undercover as a stripper to do so! *He doesn't. We just wanted to see him go undercover as a stripper.

The normal Cop vs Serial Killer shenanigans ensue.

Not only is he dedicated, but he makes the best "I'm so dedicated" faces.
For being a "true" story, this was a pretty entertaining movie.

It was nice to see John Cusack play a bad guy for a change. We've loved him for years playing the "aww shucks" or comedic nice guy, and it's good to get a taste of his dramatic range. He pulled off creepy pretty well here. Nicolas Cage is one of our faves too, although he tends to pick a lot of shitty roles lately. He plays it straight here, and we did miss the usual manic crazy-mode thing that he does so well, but he was still great in this role.

We also have to take a second and give some credit to Vanessa Hudgens; the former Disney star turned "serious actress" pulled off the role of drug-addled hooker pretty well. She had a real affinity for the character and her environment, almost as if personal experience... alright, we wont take the low road on this one. She did a good job.

The montage of Robert Hansen's real-life victims over the closing credits was a pretty haunting thing to behold as well.

Did we mention that Breaking Bad's Dean Norris is in this? Well, he is!
What was with 50 Cent's hair in this movie? I know he was playing an early-80's Sugar Pimp and all, but the Little Lord Fauntleroy-looking perm was just silly. Then again, Pimps in the early 80's did tend to have some crazy hair-do's. And clothes. And names.

And here we thought 50 Cent's Pimp game was contained to the Lower 48...
There are far more hookers in Alaska than we ever anticipated. Also, Nic Cage and John Cusack are still great actors.

If you like Serial Killer flicks, flicks where Nicolas Cage is a determined Cop on a mission, or movies about hookers being killed, then this is one that you need to see. It's a pretty absorbing little mystery, made all the more intriguing by the fact that these events actually happened.

The Frozen Ground is definitely worth your rental Dollars.


Why do so many Disney child stars grow up to be so over-sexualized and hookerish? I'm not complaining, you understand, I'm just genuinely curious.


  1. the movie fifty shades of grey
    Kristen Stewart has finally responded to rumors that she's a favorite to play
    Wow! she's beautiful no matter what you do ...try her with robert it looks cool i'm sure...

  2. Oh man, she has perfect little purple, um, fingernails... yeah, thats it, fingernails...

  3. This was a decent watch. It could have been a bit creepier but it's nice not have been turned into torture porn. To respect the true victims, I believe. I think Nic and John were good but no performances to gasp at in awe. Vanessa Hudgens certainly can act and showed this. I don't care for 50 Cent. Actingwise.

    I agree with you on a grade C+