August 6, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for August 6th

It's another quiet week on the Home Video front for us, as only 2 titles are making us open our wallets today.

That's alright, because starting the last week in August, the "Must Have" floodgates open, and don't let up until mid October.

We can definitely deal with a few purchase-light weeks until then.

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The only releases we absolutely have to but this week are both non-Horror, but are worthy of our $$$, none the less.

Mud is a great flick that I originally thought would be in the Horror-Thriller vein, but instead turned out to be more of a drama than anything else. Matthew McConaughey is aces in this, and he'd better get some awards recognition for his work here, or else! If you haven't seen this flick, you should. It's a good one.

Strike Back is an action show brought to us by Cinemax, that by all accounts we should hate; mainly because most shows like this tend to be cheap and cheesy, and aren't really worth a damn. While this show may not be Masterpiece Theater or anything, it's fun as hell, and boasts a pretty good bunch of actors that get to shoot shit, have sex with shit, and blow shit up, all in liberal amounts. We love this show, and are happy to add Season 2 to our collection.

The rest of this week's releases are rentals for us.

People who love all things Old School should be happy with A Boy and His Dog, Battlestar Galactica, Tower of Evil, and Swamp Thing. Oblivion, Antiviral and Aftershock are all worth a rental as well.

There's plenty of decent fare to be had this week,  so get out there and grab yourself a movie or two.


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  1. I just watched "Antiviral". There were some interesting ideas and disturbing scenes but I wasn't impressed too much. I wouldn't have minded if Sid died and if the film is leaving me being indiffernt towards the main character, there is still plenty room left for improvement. As it stands, a decent watch but no material for a cult, I believe but history might proof me wrong.