January 6, 2013

2013 Horror/Genre Movie Preview: October - December

The 4th quarter of the year for Horror movies should just consist of October, and that's it; once the 31st passes, we don't really get much in the way of genre releases until January of the following year. It's because of that fact that we turn to other genres to get us through the Holiday Season, and we're fine with that; plenty of Action, Sci-fi and Fantasy flicks tend to be right up our alley.

*Once again keep in mind that many of the year's later releases won't be announced for months yet, so we're just covering the ones that have already been locked in place. Unless of course they become unlocked, and change dates on us, which could always happen.

October 4th- Sin City: A Dame to Kill For- The first Sin City was one hell of an awesome Comic Book flick, and we've been dying for years to see a follow up. There's still a lot up in the air with this movie; Brittany Murphy and Michael Clarke Duncan have both died since the release of the first one, and who knows how that will affect a sequel, quality wise. Will Bruce Willis return? How about Alexis Bledel? What about the sexiness of Carla Gugino? Surely she's got to be in this one, right? Most importantly, has Mickey Rourke signed on to reprise his role as Marv? No matter how it all turns out, we'll be in line come October, ready to get our CGI noir-violence fixes. Gladly.

October 11th- Oldboy- This Spike Lee remake of the brilliant 2003 S. Korean actioner is a mixed bag for us. The original is so good that it almost seems a shame for Hollywood to try and remake it, mainly because they won't be able to improve a thing about it; S.Korea does the gangster/revenge film thing better than anyone else these days, and most imitators tend to pale by comparison. Then again Spike Lee knows his stuff, and Josh Brolin is one hell of an actor, so we're not totally put off by the idea. We're definitely intrigued by this one.

*If you haven't seen the original Oldboy, take some time, find a copy and do so asap. We promise you'll be glad that you did.

October 18th- Carrie- 4th times a charm, right? Remade twice before (The Rage: Carrie 2 is technically a sequel, but it plays more like a remake), at least we're getting a big budget attempt at telling Carrie White's story this time out. Chloe Moretz makes this one sound at least palatable, and should be able to handle the role pretty well. The fact that it got bumped from March all the way to October on the release schedule could be a bad sign though...

I do have to take a second and say that someone falsely edited the Parental Guide for this movie over at IMDB, and what they wrote made me laugh:

Sex & Nudity- "Mrs. White shoves a cross up her anus. She moans and cries out to the lord. The scene is seven minutes long and is insanely offensive, brutal, and painful to watch."

Violence & Gore- "Mrs. White is impaled through the anus with a large crucifix. When this happens she see's a naked Mary float towards her and carry her into the heavens."

Frightening/Intense Scenes- "The anus scene is very frightening. There are 5 scenes in which Margaret White simply stares at her anus in the mirror"

Yes, I apparently have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy. 

November 8th- Thor: The Dark World- It's Thor, how can you go wrong? 2012 was the year of the Superhero, and I'm sure that the audience will eat this one up like Turkish Delight come November. Thor was a fun movie, and we have no reason to believe that its sequel will be any less fun. In fact, it stands to reason that it may be better... if that ends up being true, we're in for one hell of  a movie.

November 22nd- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire- The first movie was good and did huge box office business, and the world is still full of teen girls who read Young Adult fiction tinged with romance, so... yeah, this one's going to be massive. We liked the books and the first movie, and we're excited to see this the first of two sequels (three if you consider that the third movie, Mockingjay, is going to be split into two parts, ala Twilight, Harry Potter, et al.) Yeah, this one is going to be big.

December 13th- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug- If we're being completely honest, we enjoyed The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but didn't love it. It felt like a retread of the same mechanics used for the LOTR trilogy, was a little bit on the silly side at times, and didn't really seem to have a life of its own. That being said, it was quite the spectacle, and despite its flaws, was a pretty good movie. Next December will belong to its first sequel, hands down.

Next up we cover the TBA movies of 2013,which are still to receive their release dates.

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