January 30, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for the week of January 29th

It looks as if January is going out with a whimper as far as Blu-ray and DVD releases go. There's some decent flicks to be had this week, but none of them scream "must own!" to us.

The Awakening was good, Citadel was decent, and Seven Psychopaths was fun, but they aren't anything we need to add to our collection.

If we were big animation fans, Batman: TDKR Part 2 and Hotel Transylvania would be cool, but we're really not, so we'll pass. 

If we're buying anything this week, it will most likely be the Die Hard Collection, since we don't own any of the movies on Blu-ray yet, and we're big John McClane fans. The Midnight Movie 2-packs look fun too, especially the Hell of the Living Dead/Nightmare City set, but since they aren't on Blu-ray, we'll pass. *We don't do DVD anymore.

White Zombie is definitely a classic, but it's not our thing, and The Evil Dead is an all-time classic, but we already own like 27 versions of it in various formats, so, no.

We can't say yea or nay on All Superheroes Must Die, because we haven't seen it.We'll most likely give that one a rent though, because it looks interesting enough.

As for The Cold Light of Day, PA4, and Cherry Tree Lane... we wouldn't take those for free. Funny thing is, PA4 will probably sell an ass-load of copies this week, which is cool and all, but God did we hate that movie.

Like I said, this week in Home Video is pretty blah for us, so we'll most likely just save our coin for the February releases.



  1. Thanks for the update on upcoming releases, M’hael. When I get home from my shift at DISH tonight, I am going to add All Superheroes Must Die, The Dark Knight Returns, and Seven Psychopaths to the top of my DISH Blockbuster @Home rental queue. They offer over 100,000 Blu-Ray/DVD movies, TV shows, and video games by mail, so I can load up my queue and not have to touch it for a few months.

  2. Sounds like three good choices, Anon.

    IF you end up liking Seven Psychopaths, give In Bruges a try; same director/writer, and it's insanely good.