January 6, 2013

2013 Horror/Genre Movie Preview: July - September

The third quarter of 2013 looks to be pretty exciting for us, as some of our most wanted movies of the year will see release then, including the one movie that we want to see above all others.

We can not wait.

July 12th- Pacific Rim- If we were allowed to see only one single movie in 2013, it would have to be Pacific Rim, hands down. Guillermo Del Toro is one of our absolute faves, and the idea of him making a movie that involves giant robots fighting giant monsters is just insane. Idris Elba, Charlie Hunam and Ron Perlman only serve to up that level of insanity for us, as they are some of our favorite working talents today. There's never any guarantee as to whether a movie will rock or suck, but we can't imagine any way that this one wont deliver the awesomeness. We could be wrong, but we don't care. Bring on the epic Jaeger vs. Kaiju win!

July 19th- R.I.P.D.- Ryan Reynolds starring as a murdered cop who joins the Rest in Peace Department (zombie cops) to deal out justice to the living that still deserve it? Call me crazy, but that sounds pretty damned cool to me. We'll reserve true judgement until we actually see a trailer or some footage, but as of right now, we're intrigued. Also, Jeff Bridges in a cowboy hat is never a bad thing, so, there's that too.

July 19th- The Conjuring- James Wan has earned a lot of credit with us due to his body of work (Saw, Dead Silence, Insidious), and so we can't help but think that this, his latest supernatural creep-fest, will deliver as well. Test screening scores were through the roof for this one, to the point where New Line and Warner Bros. moved its release to the higher profile month of July... that shows a lot of confidence on their part. Hopefully we get a trailer soon so that we can judge for ourselves.

July 26th- The Wolverine- Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine. What else really needs to be said? Girls and Fanboys alike will go crazy for this movie, and we may just have to join them, because Wolvie is one of the baddest and best comic book characters ever committed to ink. 

August 9th- Elysium- Remember that little movie that came out a few years ago called District 9? You know the one; it cost barely $30 million to make, and was so damned good that it not only made north of $210 million worldwide, but it put all of the shitty, hollow movies of its ilk, with budgets many times of its own, to shame (cough... Transformers.) Well the guy who made that gem of a Sci-fi flick is back with his new one, Elysium, so we can't help to be excited about it. This one has a "poor people taking it to the rich" bent going on that seems pretty timely too, so, Neil Blomkamp could have another solid hit on his hands here.

August 16th- Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters- Alexandra Daddario: Sea of Boobs. That is all.

August 23rd- The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones- Another movie aiming for the fanbase that ate up the now defunct franchises like Twilight and Harry Potter, this one doesn't look to bad. For us it will most likely be a "catch it on Blu-ray" sort of affair, but for many it just may be the late summer boon of teen magic/angst/romance that is needed. If that sort of thing is ever really needed at all, of course.

August 23rd- You're Next- This movie has been in the can and awaiting distribution since 2011... and it's a great thing that we're finally getting it in theaters this year. It's been a horror critic darling since it's small festival run back in the Fall of 2011, and we can't wait to get in on the fun. Unless it sucks, then it wouldn't be fun, and then we don't really want in on it at all, but, I digress. We're excited for this one, and hope it lives up to the hype.

August 30th- Insidious: Chapter 2- Does James Wan realize that he will have two of his movies in theaters at roughly the same time, competing for scares? Well of course he does, but still, it's worth asking. We liked Insidious, and we have no issue jumping back into that story again. Just no cheesy looking Devil-thing this time, James. Alright? 

September 6th- Riddick- There's not much scheduled for release in September yet, which will no doubt change in the coming months, but we don't care; Riddick is the one we really want anyhow. Pitch Black is an all time fave of ours, and despite many people decrying it, we loved Chronicles of Riddick too. The long awaited 3rd movie in the Riddick saga is more than anticipated here at THC; it's needed on a crazy level. It makes us wish that it was September already

September 13th- I, Frankenstein- There's really nothing about a new Frankenstein movie that excites us, not in the least. Call me what you will, but Frankenstein is lame. Pictures of Yvonne Strahovsky, however, are never lame, so I'll mention the movie for the sake of posting a nice pic of the hot chick from Chuck (and this year's season of Dexter.) Aside from that though, meh.

One more Quarter to go in our 2013 Preview, and of course we have to mention some of the flicks that are still TBA... So, we're almost done, and then we can actually go back to watching movies, and not just talk about whether we want to watch them or not.

So, see ya soon with the rest of it.

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  1. Yeh, I thought Riddick was a good film.

    Well, it ticked the box: fun.

    Anything else is a bonus. :)