May 11, 2011

Scandal rocks THC!

THC's very own "Erin" has been placed on active suspension following her admission of not knowing what Fright Night or The Monster Squad were. You know, the horror classics, that were instant classics when she was a kid? According to inside sources, after being asked "Do you think Colin Farrell will be good in the Fright Night remake?", this is the exchange that took place: "What's that?" "What's what? "Fright Night. Never heard of it." Silence fell across the room. Troubled looks were exchanged between THC members. More silence. Then finally her husband chimed in with "She didn't know what Monster Squad was until we watched it last year either." From the other room we could hear the sounds of their children weeping because mommy broke their hearts. After a saucy debate and some unsavory words, it all ended with Erin saying "Whatever." This is the ugly side of the business, folks. The shameful, deceitful underbelly seldom talked about in polite company. All details regarding punishment and possible litigation are being withheld pending a judiciary review, or until she bakes us some cookies or something and erases this blight from out horror loving minds.