May 13, 2011

Nice Job Blogger.

Since Blogger sucks and erased the shit I did 2 days ago, I'll have to rewrite the reviews for Megan is Missing and Drive Angry. 8 hours of work down the drain. Dicks. !


  1. No, they should be back again now minus comments. What a fucking pain in the arse that was.

  2. I've got a copy of the Megan is Missing review, but I don't have "Drive Angry", I guess that was something you were about to post?

    Anyways, I've uploaded it here:

    Hope it helps!

  3. Pain in the arse is right Rhino!

    And Dyuein, you are a life saver. Many, many thanks :)

  4. After watching this movie I thought that is too horrific for teenage kids to watch but later on I agree it does make u think of the dangers behind internet chatting n meeting strangers online, but it all comes down to what n how u teach ur kids about the dangers of these kinda usage. The movie does the job of teaching these kids, but at the same time the clip where Megan talks to her friend about blowing a guy off when she was 10 n discribing it isn't so cool! I wouldn't want my kid or daugter listening to that!
    Other then that it diffently would freak any kid out n open their eyes.

  5. Yeah, the sex business in the movie is definitely something I don't want my young kids watching.. I will say though that by the end, the price those girls pay for talking and acting like that would dissuade any kid from doing it themselves.

    Still, it is a bit much for the pre-teen crowd to see and absorb.