May 1, 2011

Quick Review: I Am Number Four (2011)
Let's start off by saying that yes, I Am Number Four is based on a Young Adult book series (even though only one book has been written thus far.) We were waiting for it to be like Twilight, only with superheroes or aliens, because let's face it, it had that teen-angsty thing going for it in the trailer. Scrolling through the movie's IMDB page to get a feel for what we might be in for, I found a mixed bunch of praise and hate. I read a lot of "reviews" in which people bagged on how cliche it was, or how it was like Twilight or 90 other teen angst movies, or how bland/boring/stupid/soulless it was, and I knew despair. Then I watched it anyway. And I liked it. A lot.

Alex Kissyfur.
Now, liking a thing does not necessarily speak to the quality of that thing. Preference and quality can be, and often times are, mutually exclusive. 

I Am Number Four has its shortcomings and certainly could have been better, but it was entertaining and fun, and isn't that what an action movie is supposed to be? I guess I just don't get exactly what it is that Sci-Fi geeks expect from a movie about a kid with telekinetic powers that can shoot light out of his hands...

What is there to like about this movie? I'll break it down for you in the simplest terms, and the most convenient definitions:

Timothy Olyphant- Two words: Seth Bullock and Raylan Givens. That's five words, but they're awesome, awesome words. Scenery? He chews it.
Alex Pettyfer shoots lasers out of his hands.
He also stops cars with his hands.
Number 69. Or maybe it's Number 6, I don't know.
Quinn Fabray is the most popular (hottest) girl in school.
Bernie Kosar. He's maybe the coolest dog ever.
It's a fun flick, bottom line. It's definitely geared more towards the Teen audience, but that doesn't mean it's anything like Twilight or that Justin Beaver movie that all the kids are going on about these days. The story doesn't break any new ground, but it's got hot chicks, aliens, awesome action, and Timothy Olyphant. What in the hell more do you need?


Teresa Palmer and Dianna Agron arm number one.


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  2. Can't believe you did that, at the end. The one who's name must not be mentioned and likeness not shown. Does the guy have any notoriety except from people who hate him? I've not even see him sing or whatever he does. Instead, I get all kind of hate messages about the kid. EVERYWHERE! Why do you care? Why should I?

  3. Holy shit this was good! The action in particular was great.