May 13, 2011

This is why the internet rocks.

After the blogger outage of the last few days, We lost 2 reviews; Megan is Missing and Drive Angry. Megan is Missing kinda came back as a 50% done draft, but Drive Angry is gone. One awesome person out there by the name of Dyuein apparently saw the completed Megan is Missing review, saved it, and came to our rescue by uploading and giving us a copy. That saved a TON of re-work that would have made me cranky and mean. You, sir or mam, are our hero of the day. You get the Samuel Jackson/Mace Windu seal of approval! Just an FYI, Drive Angry is on the way, along with a few others.


  1. Awesome!

    Also check out the Fright Night trailer!

  2. Well,My blog was lost 48 articles and just back only 2!!,then I moved to a new site for make sure It's not gonna happen again.