April 26, 2011

10 posters that arouse our horror loins....

Whether pure movie buzz or by poster art alone, this is what has us talking lately here at THC...
You had us at "naked in the water."
We've been waiting for this one for a loooooong time...
This is most likely gonna suck, but it has Tori Black in it, so we're there. She sucks too. Google her. True story.
We're dying to see what Ti West does as a follow up to House of the Devil. Cabin Fever 2 does NOT count.
This crazy Russian movie know as The Edge in the English speaking world looks interesting... and greasy.
Little Known fact: I was the first person to ever make Kevin Smith laugh on Twitter. True Story. I screen-shot the tweet. Awesome, right? It's all I've got, so please let me have it. Anyway, Kevin Smith is a fave of ours, so he gets our automatic attention when he delves into horror territory.
Estella Warren. That is all.
It took us 7 minutes of constant staring to notice there was a severed head in this poster.
Adrien Brody's 535th horror movie since 2009... and it looks pretty good.
This looks great, and it's finally coming out in June.

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