April 26, 2011

...and 10 posters that don't.

What feelings do these posters inspire in us, by the art and taglines alone? Fear and disdain, mostly.
I'm all for the nice ass and the bloody blade, but the Mafia hit squad in the back.. makes me think I'll just forgetaboutit. Capice?
Shit in the woods. or Un-bear-able. I like 'em both.
David Decoteau is the gay Uwe Boll. There, I said it.
You spelled "bleeding" wrong.
I was going to use "Good Will Cunting", but that's a harsh word to use, even in jest. Let's just say, "it does not look like it is a good movie."
Something tells me, this movie didn't find him...
Finally, a movie for Twilight fans to rip on!
You just know that the T&A is not going to be there.
I'm pretty sure that nothing appeals to gay dudes other than rock hard abs and pouty twinks. And no, it's not the same as me watching a movie based on boobs alone... boobs are artistic, and add context to the average film. So nah!

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