April 20, 2011

If you aren't watching AMC's The Killing, you should be.

As TV shows go, AMC is pretty much the pinnacle of quality programming. The fact that The Walking Dead is amazing goes without saying on this site, but Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Rubicon (yes, it was cancelled, but deserved better) are just as good, if not in a horrified way. The Killing though brings the same level of storytelling excellence closer to the horror arena, with what is basically a murder mystery. From Wikipedia: Set in Seattle, Washington, the series follows the police investigation, the grieving family and the suspects, after the homicide of a young girl, Rosie Larsen. Each of the 13 episodes will chronicle one day of the investigation. In comparison to the Original Danish series, executive producer Veena Sud explained, "We're creating our own world. We are using the Danish series as a blueprint, but we are kind of diverging and creating our own world, our world of suspects and, potentially, ultimately who killed Rosie Larsen." Sud describes the series as "slow-burn storytelling in a sense that every moment that we don't have to prettify or gloss over or make something necessarily easy to digest, that we're able to go to all sorts of places that are honest, and dark, and beautiful and tragic, in a way that is how a story should be told. 4 episodes in, and we here at THC are hooked. Michelle Forbes (recently of True Blood fame) is blazing a trail towards an Emmy nomination with the dork she's done so far as the distraught mother. It's moody, bleak, and above all, compelling as hell. If you haven't already, get a hold of the first episode, and were pretty sure you will be too. Now I need to go and dig up this Forbrydelsen and see what the Dutch version is all about...


  1. You guys reviewing 'The Mask Maker? What about 'Dark Fields'?

  2. I was set on not watching yet another police drama, especially when you mentioned soporific Rubicon as a good series. (who are you and what have you done with M'Hael?!) But then you said Michelle Forbes and everything changed.

  3. Listen here Siderite, I liked Rubicon!

    So shush LOL

    and Michelle Forbes is fantastic thus far in the series. I hope you like it as much as we do.

    Anon, I'd like to get to Mask Maker and Dark Fields, so most likely we will :)

  4. I have bee watching this series ach week.

    To me, smething is funny about the guy that is so close to the family. he is almost like an uncle to the kids..

    But I think he is shifty and he must have something to do with her death.

    The show is good. very long and drawn out.

  5. I agree none, the friend is fishy. Also, I think the sister is hiding something too.