September 1, 2010

DVD Review: Bikini Girls on Ice (2010)
Had this one pushed the envelope a bit more -like say giving us a bunch of nudity and a ton more blood- it would have been a pretty good slasher flick. As it stands, Bikini Girls on Ice is a decent, run-of-the-mill slasher flick, that falls just short of being something more.

The plot is full of holes so don't worry about that too much, just suffice it to say that a bunch of hot, scantily-clad College chicks are systematically picked off by a greasy gas station attendant in the middle of nowhere.

Cliches abound in this one, such as the no cell phone service bit, the usual slasher flick characters (slut, bitch, geek, good girl, etc...), the every-present old local guy warning the kids to leave or die... Like I said it's all very run of the mill.

A perfect 10, this one.
Most of the kills are off screen, though we do get to see corpses and blood splashes all over the place, so really, the main reason to see this one is for the chicks; the nearly naked, wet, hot chicks. On a side note, we only got to see one bare boob and a quick lesbian kiss, which feels like a huge let down in a film with this kind of title. Sigh.

Check out the pictured highlights below, for reference sake, of course:

Slutty pt.2.
Bitchy (and hot.)
Always pleasant.
God she's a bitch (but really hot.)
So dirty, and yet so clean...
Way too much clothing.
Aww, Hank.
Internal car ride?
It's really not too bad for a slasher flick, so catch it if it's on cable, or rent it if it's cheap I suppose, but most of us Horror fans will mostly likely find this one rather tame. If hot chicks are your thing though, you will smile.


 Hotties. Hotties everywhere!



  1. Looks like your standard boobs filled slasher...

  2. Yeah it does Emily, but there were hardly any boobs. that confused us. lol