February 12, 2015

10 Horrific Clowns For You to Dream About Tonight!

*Or maybe it's "Nobody Loves Clowns!" We sure don't.

Do you hate clowns? Do they give you nightmares? Do they scare you so bad that you hide your eyes and pee yourself until they go away? Are you the kind of sick person that knows someone who is terrified of clowns, and takes pleasure in exploiting that fact for your own sick amusement? Well then have we got a list for you!

Most clowns are happy-go-lucky people who paint their faces, dress up in colorful outfits, and make balloon animals for roomfuls of screaming children, just to see them smile. Sometimes though, clowns are serial killers, demonic entities, aliens, zombies, or even haunted dolls. Whatever their shtick, clowns are almost always creepy, especially when they're trying to kill you... or somebody in a movie you're watching.

The clowns below are the best that Horror movies have to offer. They aren't in any particular order, because we already know that Pennywise from It and the clown doll from Poltergeist are the heavy hitters here, and so ranking the rest would just be a matter of opinion.

Above all else, if you know someone who is scared to death of clowns, be sure to call them over when you're looking at the pics below... because you know you want to hear them scream "No, no, no!" as they run off crying. Sickos.

*Be sure to click the pics to be taken to the IMDB page for each killer clown movie, so you know what movie they're from.

As terrifying clowns go, does it get any better than Pennywise? No, it does not. "We all float down here, Georgie!"
I was like 8-years-old when I saw Poltergeist, and the scene with the doll scared me so bad that I thought my gigantic stuffed St. Bernard was going to kill me. I didn't sleep for weeks. *100% true story.
Ghosthouse may be cheesy enough to make the guys from Rifftrax do an episode on it, but that damned clown doll and his "Play around, be bad" rhyme that he sings throughout the movie is creepy as hell. If we could find a good quality MP3 of that song, it would be one of our ringtones.
As sick and twisted as Captain Spaulding is, we can't help but love the guy. He's probably the most entertaining clown that we've ever seen in a movie, mainly because Sid Haig is awesome... so maybe we just love Sid Haig?
Eli Roth's Clown has yet to be released, but the movie's title character looks like he's going to inspire endless nightmares in Horror fans everywhere.
We didn't care for the latest season of American Horror Story all that much, but Twisty the Clown was a terrifying sight to behold. He was also pretty good at killing people.
Based on the old "We don't have a clown statue!" urban legend, the clown doll sequence from Amusement stands to this day as one of the creepiest things we've ever seen. It's worth watching the entire movie just to experience that part.
Cabin in the Woods featured just about every type of movie monster imaginable, even a killer clown. His appearance was fleeting, but effective.
That whispering, rocking clown doll from Dead Silence still gives us chills.
Probably the coolest zombie from Zombieland.
Here are a few more Horror movie clowns that are sure to inspire fear in all Coulrophobics. Enjoy.



  1. Where are the clowns from Clownhouse?

  2. Not included on our list due to the fact that its director molested its 12-year-old lead actor when they were filming. Just didn't feel right promoting that film.