February 17, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD Releases: The Digital Dread Report for February 17th

Game of Thrones, Phantom of the Opera, and one of the coolest Blu-ray multi-packs to come along in forever; our money is definitely not staying int he wallet this week.

BDz-info4pkAnimalMotivationalphantomVHS170 x 224
The Mill Creek 4-pack featuring Deep Rising, The Puppet Masters, When a Stranger Calls, and Happy Birthday to Me is already in our hands. All four of those movies are great in their own way, and even though they're only bare-bones releases (movies only, no special features), this 4-Disc set was just too good for us to pass up at $10. If you're looking for something that delivers maximum bang for your Horror buck, then this one is it.

The 1989 version of Phantom of the Opera is an underrated Slasher gem that is not only bloody, but it also stars Robert Englund, who was doing his best at the time to be in anything that wasn't "Freddy" related. We can't wait to see what this one looks like on Blu-ray, as we're sure that Scream Factory did its usual great job with this disc. For $15, we're all about this release.

We thought that V/H/S/:Viral was like the previous two V/H/S flicks; alright, but nothing worth getting all worked up over. For us, this one is worth seeing for the "Parallel Monsters" segment alone; we really loved the hell out of that one. "Dante the Great" was decent too. The rest of it... Meh.

Aside from the lovely Liz Gilles, we didn't really care for Animal (our review HERE) all that much. The younger crowd may dig it though, so if that's you, then go for it. Did we mention how lovely Liz Gilles is?

TVz-infogot170 x 224170 x 224
Game of Thrones is one of the best shows on TV right now, and it's one of the few that we have to own on day one of its release... not only because it's so great, but because during release week, it's only going to cost us $34.99; if we wait until next week, that price shoots up by $10 or more, depending on where you buy it.

If you watch GOT, then we don't really have to explain to you why it's so great. If you don't watch GOT, then what in the hell are you waiting for? *Don't start with Season 4 though, you'll be confused.

DVDz-info3pkall saintsaltarmalignantmassagescalped
On the DVD front this week, that Post-Apocalyptic Triple Feature looks interesting, even though it contains an Uwe Boll film (Bloodrayne), and Altar is one that we'd definitely check out.

Everything else though, as usual, is a crap-shoot. 


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