February 10, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD Releases: The Digital Dread Report for February 10th

This week was all set to be our favorite release week of 2015 thus far, but then the 3-Disc Collector's Edition of The Beyond got pushed back two weeks, and everything went to hell! Alright, maybe we're being a bit over-dramatic about it, bit we really want that disc...

This week still has a few very solid and purchase-worthy BD's seeing release, so I suppose we'll live.

2pk2pkbdontKillNekroNightPokerPre170 x 224
Since The Beyond was pushed back to February 24th (blah), this week's biggest Must Have Blu-ray is The Criterion Collection's release of Don't Look Now (our review HERE.) If you want to know what the American Horror scene was like in the 70's, this is the movie to check out. Don't Look Now is a Gothic Horror story that always felt like it was an Americanized Gialli of sorts; it's not, not really, but you could make arguments that it definitely has its Giallo-style attributes. No matter what it is or isn't, Don't Look Now is a creepy Thriller that will make you afraid to walk the backstreets of Venice, Italy alone. If you're looking to blind buy one movie this week, read our review, and then make it this one.

The other big (as in, you should see it) release of the week is Predestination (our review HERE.) Predestination is a thinking man's (or woman's) movie that will twist your mind and make you think far too much about it... and then it will leave you confused as hell, trying to make sense of it all. It's really good stuff, and if you like Sci-Fi Thrillers, then seeing this one is a no-brainer.

Scream Factory is releasing two 2-packs of Horror Comedies this week, neither of which we're all that hot to buy, but are cool none the less. We grew up watching Once Bitten (which stars a pre-fame Jim Carrey), but couldn't they have packaged it with anothe rmovie like Vamp, or something else? Despite our disinterest in these releases, they are sure to be popular with anyone who loves Horror Comedies of yesteryear, so don't let us discourage you from picking them up. Seriously though, George Hamilton?

We've seen both Nightcrawler and Kill the Messenger, and both are great movies for anyone needing a Non-Horror fix. Jake Gyllenhaal is great as the skeevy Paparazzo in Nightcrawler, and the true story of Kill the Messenger makes us fear the CIA even more than we used to. Which is a lot. If you're wondering about either of these movies, they're good. Give them a go.

DVDz-info5pk8pkfearfrankislandproofzzombies170 x 250
This week's DVD releases all look pretty schlocky, but we're curious to see Fear Clinic, and Season One of Syfy's Z Nation should at least please its fans.

Having two Bruno Mattei movies released in the same week is never a bad thing (if you like cheap, cheesy Horror flicks.)

Everything else, as always, is a crap-shoot.


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