January 18, 2015

What's new on TV this week?

There are all kinds of shows returning to TV this week, two of which are the best shows on TV.

The excellent Justified returns to FX this Tuesday to begin its final season, and as bummed as we were to see Sons of Anarchy go back in December, it will be far worse when Justified ends its 6 Season run 13 weeks from now. We recently re-watched Seasons 1-5 as a refresher of sorts, and we have to say that even the seasons (or parts of seasons) that we remember as being "weaker" than the rest, were still better than most dramas on TV.

Season 6 of Justified will pit Raylan against Boyd in one final showdown to see who the true bad-ass of Harlan County is, and we'll love every second of it, right up until the moment that it all ends, and we cry.

This week also has Netflix bringing the 2nd Season of BBC's The Fall to American audiences. We loved the hell out of the 1st Season of this creepy Police Thriller, and having already seen the 2nd Season, we have to say that we love it even more now. If you like shows like Luther and Broadchurch, then give this one a go if you've got Netflix. You won't be sorry.

As for everything else, The CW's lineup is back in full force with the returns of The Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries; and Starz sets sail with the 2nd Season of it's pirate drama, Black Sails, this week as well.

No matter what your taste, it looks like there's at least one show returning this week to make you happy this week.

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  1. More Gillian Anderson is always good news. THE FALL is definitely gonna be on my list.