January 24, 2015

Killers is finally available on VOD!

Now that Killers is FINALLY available on North American VOD, we've bumped our review of the movie to our New & Noteworthy sections at the top and side of the page. We do this because Killers is an excellent movie that deserves as much exposure as it can get, and if our words make more people seek it out and rent it, then we feel complete and accomplished.

If you like intense Serial Killer Thrillers, then do not miss this movie.

You can read our review of Killers HERE (or by clicking the banner above), and you can rent it HERE, if you already know about it, and are dying to see it. Which you should be.

*Be aware though that being a foreign movie, Killers will have subtitles, which shouldn't make a bit of difference, but we know that some people do not like to "read" their movies. Don't be one of those people.

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