January 7, 2015

The Digital Dread Report for January 6th

The first Digital Dread Report of 2015 is coming to you a bit late, mainly because the flu has been kicking our (my) butt since New Years Eve, but better late than never...

It's nice to see the new year kicking off with a such a great crop of new movies for us to choose from. As cold as it is now, and as cold as it surely going to get in the months ahead, many of us are going to need plenty of indoor entertainment to get us through until spring, and that means, among other things, movies to watch!

*Be sure to read our full reviews of the releases (where applicable), for a more in-depth take on them.

**If you're going to order any of this week's releases, be sure to click on the pics below and order through us, because the 7 cents we earn for each referral adds up... not to much, but it adds up.

BDz-info4pkcandyguesthornsno goodsword
The Guest (our review HERE) was one of our favorite movies of 2014, and we're happy to finally be getting our hands on a Blu-ray copy today. It's a great movie that is not only high on rewatchability (at least for us), but we're also curious to listen to the commentary track featuring Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett. If you have yet to see this little gem of a movie, then now is the time to take the plunge... and Blu-ray is the way to do it.

Horns (our review HERE) is another 2014 movie that we loved, if not quite as much as we loved The Guest. As big fans of the Joe Hill novel, we're pretty pleased at how this movie adaptation turned out; it's hardly perfect, but it gets it mostly right. We definitely recommend that you read the book first, but on it's own, Horns should entertain most people who like their Horror flicks more on the fun and emotional side of the fence.

We like the Matrix movies. The first one is far and away the best of them, but they're fun, stylish Sci-fi flicks that offer a ton of action. We already own them all, so this collection is pretty much lost on us, but for anyone who doesn't already own them, this Blu-ray set is a great buy, especially for only $19.99.

Not quite as good as the first one, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh is a decent 90's Horror effort that is worthy of a watch. Is it worthy of a buy? Well that's a personal preference thing, but if you're considering it, at least know that Scream Factory doesn't play when it comes to releasing older movies in pretty new packages.

Not sure why we never saw No Good Deed, but it's probably because it didn't look all that remarkable to us. We do love Idris Elba though, and if anyone can carry off a Studio-made revenge thriller like this one, it's him. We'll most likely catch it when it hits Netflix or Cable.

TVz-infoarcherblack170 x 224
If you aren't familiar with the ridiculous exploits of the world's best & most moronic super spy, then you need to get yourself more in touch with Sterling Archer. As animated shows go, there are few that makes us laugh as much as does Archer, and if inappropriate comedy is your thing, then it really gets no better than this. Archer is one of the TV Shows that we have to own on Blu-ray, but for those of you who are hesitant, go stream a few episodes on Netflix. You'll either hate it, or be totally hooked.

We've never really gotten into Black Sails all that much, but it's probably big with fans of pirate shows. So, there ya go.

Of this week's DVD releases, The Houses October Built (our review HERE) is the one to own. This is a creepy little flick that has a great Halloween vibe about it, and for $13.99, you really can't go wrong.

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