June 20, 2010

Maybe the best movie title ever...

Sure, it may be crude, but how can you not love the title (and premise) of this movie? Take a second, and say it out loud: Big Tits Zombie. Now let it settle for a moment, and then say it again. See what I mean? I'm thinking Tokyo Gore Police meets Zombie Strippers here, and I am intrigued. When we get a copy of the DVD, we will be happy campers.


  1. It should be worth laughing at. Awesome title, at least they are blatant about their audience. Nice blog here, btw. I will be following. If you know of anyone who wants to read daily horror shorts and follow a author in progress, check me out. I'm getting published next month in SNM horror mag, and I have book in line editing. Would love to see more people stop by! And keep up this awesome work. Do you do book reviews for horror? I don't have mine published yet, but that's okay. I've got a good editor and the book will be ready for reviews next month. Keep in touch! Help a writer make it!


  2. These Japan gorefests always cheat you out. The movie stars an actual Japanese AV star and youknow she's not gonna get naked in it.