June 14, 2010

True Blood: Season, Ep 1

After watching the first episode of the new season of TB, I can honestly say that I liked it better than most of Season 2 as a whole. The Good- -Eric is still a bad ass. -Bill is a bad ass rather than whiny in this episode. -Lafayette is back to his bad ass self -Jessica and Sophie Ann are both super hot. Sookie too, to a lesser degree. -Pam is finally emerging from Eric's shadow and showing some personality. -The wolves. Awesome.
Real wolves. You hear that, Twilight? REAL WOLVES.
The Bad- -Sookie is slightly less annoying than she was before, but she's still annoying. -Tara being all angry and inconsolable... again. Please take her character in a different direction, it's getting old. And let her date someone with a better name than Eggs this time. Please. -Stop teasing us with hot near-lesbian coed action, and deliver.
I would let her bite me and become her human man-bitch for eternity.
The WTF?!?- Ok Sam, what was with that erotic gay dream? For a moment there, I thought you were going to shape shift into Bill's butt plug. It came that close.
Our hopes, questions, and demands- - Please let the magister stick around this season. Zeljko Ivanek is a great actor.
Awesome lines- "And playin' with your own titties in a car full of dudes aint?" "Bitch, you and me bridge.. that aint never gonna motherfuckin' happen." "I should warn you, I've fed." Overall, episode 1 rocked. This season is going to be great.
It's not what it looks like. I think.


  1. I thought it was ok, but Sookie still makes me nauseous, and the only character I really like is Sophie-Anne. I hope that they develop more of a plot arc (like S2), instead of focusing on the played-out vamp/human romance angle.

  2. Is it something wrong with me or was Pam the hottest chick in the episode? (and that is saying something)

    Unfortunately, Tara and her crazy mom are main characters. I will pray for their sudden demise nevertheless.

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  4. Sookie makes me nauseous too, though she's getting better this season. A bit.

    And Siderite, Pam is hot in every episode. I have a thing for Jessica, but Pam is aces.

    Tara DEFINITELY needs a demise of some sort.