June 11, 2010

True Blood returns this Sunday... don't forget!

True Blood, the other vampire phenomenon that has captured hearts and minds everywhere (the one that doesn't involve wispy, mopey tweens and glitter), returns to kick off its 3rd season this Sunday on HBO. We here at THC (especially Erin) can't wait to get another Sookie fix, and hopefully a naked one. We also desperately need some answers to a few questions...
Where is Bill?
Will Sookie whore it up with Bill, Eric and a werewolf?
Will Jessica find a way to break her everlasting-hymen?
Will they finally kiss?
Will Sophie-Ann show her lesbian side this season?
Will Eric get some of that Stackhouse booty? Will he let his hair grow back?
Will Lafayette finally be back to his old sassy self?
Will they finally kiss?
We have no idea what's going to happen, but I do know that we can't wait to find out.
Sunday. 9 P.M. Be there.


  1. i've ordered my taxi to your house already. I'll do a runner as soon as he stops.

  2. Good deal, Rhino. I've always got beer.