May 4, 2010

Review: Legion (2010)
... is that it wasn't as bad as I had been led to believe.

The first time I saw the trailer for Legion, my geek-meter went into overdrive and I hit the roof, and I was left needing to see this Angelic Apocalypse flick asap. When it hit theaters, our very own Machine got to check it out before I did, and reported back that he was not thrilled with the final result. Apparently he was not the only one, as it met with plenty of lukewarm reviews.

The less-than-stellar reviews the film garnered saddened me. It also made me not see it in Theaters and wait for the DVD release, because I'm moody like that.
She's even moodier than I am.
Months after the fact, as it hit DVD, I had to get a copy and find out for myself, despite everyone telling me not to waste my time... and I found that it really didn't waste my time.

The premise of God sending his angels to destroy mankind is an excellent one, and quite compelling whether you are a religious person or not. I was hoping to see a bloody culling of mankind by swooping legions of angels, but I instead only got to see Michael and Gabriel go at it, which was fun, but not as grand as I had imagined.

It was grand enough, though.
Paul Bettany is awesome as Michael in this, as he has a natural intensity about him that just screams bad-ass, and L O S T's Kevin Durand is equally as bad-ass as the human-hating Gabriel. Adrianne Palicki looks hot as the knocked up slut whose baby just might save mankind, Tyrese is pretty good as the cool black guy. The kid who plays Jeep is just about as effective as he was in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (not very), and Dennis Quaid is just Dennis Quaid.

Just run.
All in all, the cast did a pretty good job. Except Jeep. The action was awesome, the Demons were pretty creepy, and the Angelic scenes were, well, Angelic. It was a little looser in some places than I would have liked, and it wasn't even close to being epic, but it was pretty fun, and definitely worth a watch.

Don't drink the Haterade that other's will offer you regarding this movie, and see it when you get the chance.


Did I mention how hot Adrianne Palicki is? Well she is, and so is Willa Holland.


  1. I heard a lot of bad crap about this movie too, and ended up not watching it at the theaters.

    But when I fianlly got to see it, I thought it was actually pretty good. It started off really tight, and that old lady on the ceiling was freaky.

    It kinda lost it's self at the end though, but the whole "hold up and trying to survive" thing it had going was cool, I like that kinda stuff.

    They could make a movie with people boarded up in a house fighting Care-bears and I'd love it.

  2. Good to see we agree! I gave it the exact same review.

    Btw, I miss your quite frequent posts :(

  3. Just wanted to tell you that this is just the blog I've been waiting for! Thank you and keep those flicks coming!

  4. Adrianne is scorching, but I'm surprised not to see any love for the also-incredibly-hot Willa Holland :P

    Oh yeah, and I didn't think the movie was so bad, either... though the last act was anti-climactic and cheesy for sure.

  5. The frequency will be coming back Ifaz :)

    and Care Bears made me LOL :)~

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