April 9, 2015

The Star Wars Digital Collection is coming April 10th!

"The Star Wars films will soon become more powerful than you can possibly imagine: the classic series is going digital for the first time ever.

As anticipation builds for the December release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first new film in the Star Wars saga in a decade, The Walt Disney Studios, Lucasfilm Ltd., and 20th Century Fox today announced the upcoming release of The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection. All six epic films in the saga, from The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi, will be available on Digital HD globally beginning Friday, April 10."

Hey, they forgot to put "Because George Lucas and Disney need more money than they've already got..." in that Press Release somewhere. Oh well, we already knew that anyhow.

Now, we grew up on Star Wars, and we're all excited for the new movie to come out (because it has to be better than the prequels were, doesn't it?), but $19.99 a pop to be able to stream these movies seems like a bit much to me. It could be that $19.99 is only the pre-order price, and maybe they'll drop to a more reasonable $9.99 once officially released, but we're pretty sure that the price tag won't really matter to diehard Star Wars fans anyway.

Price aside, this is great news for fans, new and old, and half of the world will surely be streaming these movies come this weekend.

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