April 16, 2015

Review: The Lucio Fulci Collection Blu-ray

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We spent the last few days watching and reviewing The Lucio Fulci Collection Blu-ray from Blue Underground, and we have to say that we loved every minute of it.

You can click on the three reviews below to see what we thought of each movie in the collection, but the quick word is that for anyone who loves 80's Horror, and doesn't already have any of these classics in their collection, this set is a must own.

Fulci is a rare breed of filmmaker whose work is somewhat of an acquired taste, but if you can turn off your brain and forget about things like plot and coherence, you're in for some gory, surreal, atmospheric fun with these movies.

We'll be moving on to The Dario Argento Collection next, which includes Deep Red, Inferno, and The Cat O' Nine Tails, which could end up being even better than this awesome Fulci Collection is. For now though, do yourself a favor and get to know the work of Lucio Fulci for a while, and enjoy an effective brand of Horror that just doesn't exist anymore.


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