April 25, 2014

The Theatrical Trauma of April 25th

April comes to a close with a bunch of worthwhile Theatrical Releases, even if most of them are of the Limited variety.

The Quiet Ones is the big release of the week. The trailer for this one looks good, but we're wondering if it's going pack any punch, or be another in a long line of PG-13 snoozefests. At least it has a solid cast going for it...

Brick Mansions is the last completed movie of the late Paul Walker, and it's also a remake of the of the crazy French action flick, District B13. We'll definitely check it out for Paul Walker, and because the trailer looked fun, but can it hold up to the quality of the original?

 *If you live in NY, LA, or  near an Art House Theater, you may be able to see these on a big screen.

Blue Ruin is the gritty Critical darling that has just about everyone who's seen it singing its praises. This one is on our radar above any other movie this week, and we hope that it lives up to the lofty hype that's been built up in our minds for the better part of the past year. 

Locke is the new Tom Hardy flick which features him alone, in a car, driving around all upset and talking to people on the phone... Now, as far as plots go, I can't imagine how that's going to work for a feature length film, but if anyone can pull off a one man show like that, it's Tom Hardy; he's one of the best actors on the planet, and his name alone gives us incentive to give Locke a chance to dazzle us.
The Machine stars Caity Lotz as an embodied AI that goes haywire and kills everybody... or something like that. The point is that Caity Lotz is hot, she's naked in this one, and the trailer looks pretty slick, so we're in. This one is an Amazon Instant rental for sure.

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  1. I've seen LOCKE about a month ago and still find myself thinking about it every couple of days. Not a genre film at all, but if you live thriller dramas, this is as good as it gets.

  2. Well that sounds like our cup of tea, Phil. Glad to hear that it's solid, because we're big Tom Hardy fans.

  3. I watched Blue Ruin last week, and I must say I expected a lot more. Not that it's a bad movie, but there was nothing special about it apart from the central performance and a bunch of shocking kills.

  4. Just watched Blue Ruin last night, George, and we loved it, but we have to admit that we too expected a lot more. The cinematography was great, the central performance was too, and it was really violent... but why did he shave his crazy beard!?!