April 29, 2014

Horror Hotties: The Girls of From Dusk Till Dawn (TV)

There never seems to be a shortage of Hotties in a Robert Rodriguez production, and that's why he is El Hefe; The guy loves beautiful women, and he knows that we do too, and he gives them to us on a constant basis. What more can Genre fans ask for?

The TV version of his Cult Classic flick, From Dusk Till Dawn, is actually a decent adaptation. It's bloody, it's fun, and overall it's way better than we ever thought it would be. We really miss Clooney in the main role, and it's hard not to miss Harvey Keitel about the same, but as far as everything else goes, it's basically on par with the film version. We definitely like the guy who plays Richie better than Tarantino, because QT is a shitty actor, and Wilmer Valderrama is pretty much killing it as the Vampire Kingpin.

And then there are the ladies...

Eiza Gonzalez
It’s hard to imagine anyone in the role of Satanico Pandemonium other than Salma Hayek, but Eiza Gonzalez pulls it off pretty well in the TV version. She's smoking hot, and has a creepy look about her like she'd actually bite you on the neck and drink your blood if you pissed her off enough... We imagine that having to deal with the fallout from trying to poach Miley Cyrus' man has made her that way. *No one can deal with Miley for too long and hope to come out of it unscathed.

Madison Davenport
Madison Davenport is the sweet & innocent Preacher's daughter that gets creeped on by Richie Gecko, and we actually like her better in the role than we did her film counterpart; Juliet Lewis has always just seemed a half bubble off plum to us, like she's mildly retarded, or just "not all there" or something. We just think that Madison Davenport does a better job in the role, and in about six more months we can actually call her hot without feeling wrong about it. Until then, she's just a fine little actress.

Adrianne Palicki
Adrianne Palicki was only in two episodes (so far, anyhow), but she's by far the biggest female name in the cast, and she's long been a fave of ours here at THC. We're hoping she comes back in later episodes, depending on where they go with the story, because seeing her play a cold blooded killer does funny things to us in the pantalones region.

The girls below are the supporting Hotties that give From Dusk Till Dawn the extra bit of sexiness that every TV Show needs and truly deserves. There are more that we didn't picture here, but you try finding decent pics of half of those girls on Google, because it isn't easy. We can only do so much!

Guess you'll just have to tune in to see the rest of them.

You can click on any of their pics to be taken to their IMDB pages, where you can feel free to stalk their filmography in the privacy of your own home. Go ahead, no one will know.

From Dusk Till Dawn is on Tuesday Nights on the El Rey Network.


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