September 24, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for September 24th

This is one of those weeks that I was talking about towards the end of Summer, do you remember? The kind that will serve to make our wallets cry?

Yeah, three Amazon orders in one week actually made my wallet run away. Seriously, it's gone... and I don't think it's coming back this time.

*Click the pics below to order from Amazon, or just to get some more info on these releases.

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First and foremost, we have Prince of Darkness; it's one of my top 5 Horror faves of all-time, and it's being released on Blu-ray for the first time ever today! (Sorry, I'm excited.) If we could only buy one single Blu-ray for the rest of the year, it would be this largely overlooked John Carpenter classic. I can not wait to review this one tonight.

Next is another Carpenter classic that we can't wait to grab, but it's already on Blu-ray, so we're not quite as geeked about it... the 35th Anniversary Edition of Halloween hits shelves today promising us a stellar new transfer, along with some fun new supplemental goodies... We own the previous transfer, but are excited to see how much better (if at all) this new one ends up being.

Hannibal was a huge surprise for us. We never thought that a TV prequel story about Hannibal Lecter could ever be good, especially on a Network like NBC that never pushes the envelope on anything... and we were completely wrong. This show was fantastic, and we can't wait to re-watch all 13 episodes in their uncut, extended (4 episodes), and un-aired (1 episode) glory. $21.99 is a GREAT price for a release day TV Season on Blu-ray, so if you haven't seen it and are curious, take the blind buy leap and give it a go... you won't be sorry.

The Christopher Nolan Batman Super Mega Crazy Gigantor Collector's Edition Box Set would be great... if we didn't already own all three films, and if this new set came with anything new and interesting, like deleted scenes or footage. Still, it's a buy-worthy set, just not for us.

Room 237 is one that will probably be better off as a rent for most people, but for suckers like us, it's an odd curiosity that we need to own. As Documentaries go, this twisted look at the inner workings of Kubrick's The Shining is a mesmerizing must have.

Finally we have the City of God/City of Men 2-pack. Neither film is Horror, but both films are brilliant, gritty looks inside of the crime-ridden streets of Rio de Janeiro.I can't recommend the flicks highly enough.

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This week's rentals are a mixed bag for us.

We didn't like Iron Man 3 all that much, so unlike the 50 million other people in the world who will buy it on BD/DVD today, we're gonna take a pass.

Psycho 2 & 3 are tempting, but we're already buying too much this week, so they'll have to wait.

V/H/S/2 was solid, but not compelling enough for us to buy today.

The direct-to-video I Spit on Your Grave 2 will get a rent from us as well, as we're curious to see if it's as good as it's remake predecessor.

And as always, the rest are crap-shoots for us, so I guess just buy or rent according to taste? 


  1. I was pleasantly surprised with I Spit On Your Grave 2... still probably just a rental for you guys, but was decent...

  2. The first remake was really good, so I switched "I Spit On Your Grave 2" on with low expectations. It proved to me that low is not low enough. That many illogical actions is just plain lazy. And the deaths of the rapers where rather tame.

    "Inbred" was funny, tough. On the dark side of humour.