September 3, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for September 3rd

September is here, and that means it's back to school time and that Fall is only weeks away. It also means that there's going to be plenty of high profile Horror Blu-ray/DVD releases to get us ready for the Halloween season.

I swear this time of year is harder on the wallet than even Christmas is.

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A Bay of Blood is the one we're most excited for this week.The Mario Bava classic -which helped give birth to the slasher genre itself- is on Blu-ray for the first time in the U.S., and it's ours!

MST3K: The Movie is a close second for must have Blu-ray of the week, because Mystery Science Theater is awesome. The movie isn't as good as most of the episodes are, but it's MST3K on Blu-ray, so who are we kidding? We need it.

As for those Horror Classics Double Features, it's safe to say that if you don't own those movies already, it would be a crime not to pick them up. We already own Re-Animator, so we'll stick to the other two, but those we will definitely be grabbing.

Then there's Creepshow 2... which we'll gladly pick up once it hits the 9.99 price point. It's an expensive month... we need to shop smart.

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There's plenty of good stuff to rent this week, especially if you like TV shows. None of the above TV seasons are a buy for us, although we do like Haven...

We do want to check out Five Dolls For the August Moon though, in a rent-it-first kind of a deal.

The Iceman was decent enough, and worth a rent as well.


If Rob Zombie came to our house with a copy of The Lords of Salem, we'd thank him kindly, and then kick it in the lake once he left. (Alright, maybe we'd keep it as a memento of our meeting, but it would be very begrudgingly.) Point is, the movie was awful, and we want nothing to do with it. Not at all.

Sharknado was fun for about 2 minutes, but let's be real here, are we really spending actual money on something so horrible? No. No we are not.

Finally, The Theatre Bizarre was just not our thing. At all.


  1. I didn't mind Lords of Salem. It was really slow and mostly missing out on the blood and gore that most horror fans like these days but Zombie is known for doing throwback styles and this did kind of play out like a modern Rosemary's Baby. There is certainly a lot worse out there, although I'm not raving about this film either. One thing Zombie definitely has to stop is casting his wife as the lead in his movies. I'm sure she was once a hot babe but she's now getting a little too long in the tooth for these roles.

  2. If Zombie would direct movies written by someone else, a strong writer, I'd probably have less issue with his recent stuff.

    I could even live with seeing Wifey in everything he does, if his storytelling had more quality.