September 28, 2013

Our Theatrical Release Date List has been updated through December!

Machete Kills, Theatrical releases for Mandy Lane and Cassadaga, Carrie, Hellbenders, and a 35th Anniversary release of the original Halloween (plus parts 4&5)... October is shaping up to be a good month at the Theater for Horror fans!

We actually find it kinda nice to not see a new Paranormal Activity movie coming out this month for a change, because it's time to give that series a rest for a while.

Once Halloween is over and done with, the Theatrical offerings dry up a bit as far as Horror flicks go, so we've included more non-genre movies than we normally would.

So click the banner above or visit our Release Date List in our Nav-Bar up top so that you can plan your trips to the Theater accordingly.

*Keep in mind that Theatrical Release Dates tend to shift alot, so don't be surprised to see movies added, moved, or subtracted at a moments notice... Hollywood is so indecisive.

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