July 26, 2013

10 Found Footage/POV flicks done right

We've covered 10 Found Footage flicks (in the post below) that we thought dropped the POV ball, so it's only fair that we talk about 10 FF flicks that got it right, right?

If you like the whole "reality" thing in your Horror flicks, then the movies below are where you need to start. Some are fun, some are quietly eerie, and some are just downright panic-inducing, but all of them work on different levels, and to differing degrees.

*To read through our original reviews of these flicks, just click their respective posters.They'll give you a much more specific breakdown of each movie, plus, they're a fun read.

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Blair Witch pretty much started the whole modern day Found Footage trend, which the Paranormal Activity films took to new heights (at least in a Box Office/Successful Franchise kinda way.)

The creepiest of this bunch? That's a tough one. Home Movie is pretty superb at making the skin crawl, but the last 20 minutes or so of Megan is Missing is some of the most harrowing footage we've ever endured. [REC] (and it's superior sequel [REC2])is no slouch in the fright department either, then again neither are Evil Things or The Tunnel.

Lake Mungo packs a totally different type of scare punch than the other films on this list, but it's no less haunting. In its own way, it may be the best of these movies. Like I said, it's really hard to say.

The Troll Hunter is probably our fave here, because it's just so much damned fun and fresh, and along with Monsters, might fell like it's the most "real" of the group. Not as scary, mind you, but tonally realistic.

My advice is to see them all. Read through the reviews, and just pick one, depending on which one sounds like it will fit your mood at the time.

No matter which way you go, the movies on this list will at least expose you to the "good" side of the Found Footage sub-genre, and will give you the adrenaline rush that you seek. Flaws withstanding, they stick to the tropes that they should be sticking to, and they never feel like cheap cheaters, or false.

Really, what more can we ask for?


  1. totally agree on your choices here.I put money towards The Tunnel in their own digital frames drive.Lake Mungo was a surprising hit with me.Home Movie was a messed up film but in a good way.And I will not comment on Megan is Missing after the last shitstorm I started.

  2. I agree with you totally. Megan is Missing was brilliant, but terrifying. The ending was just...Jesus.

  3. What do you think about Cloverfield? I know it's not really a horror movie, but it's a really good Found Footage film, won't you say?

  4. Agree with most of these; unfortunately I found most of Evil Things insufferable. One of the worst endings in recent memory. But yeah, The Tunnel was pretty great.

  5. Nice, Zocial lol

    Grimm, you said it perfectly.

    Most of us liked Cloverfield, Noorel, pretty decent flick for the most part.

    And Anon, Evil Things just rubbed us the right way. Not an overly great flick, but effective for us.

  6. What about Evidence-2011??? I know theres this new one with the same title, but the first one was incredible! Probably my fav found footage film... at least the last 20 mins...

  7. Evidence 2012... we reviewed that one, and liked it quite a bit. Thanks for reminding us, Anon.