July 24, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for July 23rd

dd ban
Looks like this week is another quiet one for genre movie fans, as far as Blu-ray or DVD releases go.

We're chomping at the bit to get our hands on the Blu-ray version of John Carpenter's classic The Fog, next week, but at least we have a few worthy titles to get us through until then.

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As far as pure Horror releases go this week, the only must have for us is Kiss of the Damned. For some reason we really dug this sexy, Gothic vampire flick, and we can definitely see ourselves giving this Blu-ray a spin every once in a while.

The Ice Storm may be a drama, but it's content is disturbing enough that it's always stuck with us since the first time we watched it. We love when Criterion releases flicks we love, we have to jump on them, because they truly give unparallelled care to all of their titles.

Last, but absolutely not least, is the new MST3K set; these guys make fun of bad movies better than anyone else, and every one of their DVD releases area must have for us. If you've never seen Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, and Joel/Mike do their thing, you're truly missing out.

rent it
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The Silence was a great watch, and Welcome to the Punch was fun and different, and you wont go wrong renting either one.

Graceland and The New World look interesting, Tower of Evil looks old school interesting, while Vehicle 19 looks like a chance to cash in on Paul Walker's Fast & Furious fame, but it might be fun too. You never know. All of these are rentals at best.

The week's DVD releases are more likely than not Skip It material, which we will be doing, but you never know, they could be worth a rental. Still, rent with care.

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