July 4, 2013

What's yet to come in 2013

... so get ready!

The year is only half in the bag, so you know that there's still plenty of genre treats in store for us.

What are we most looking forward too? Why, the same things you should be most looking forward to, of course.

There's really no movie coming out this year that has us as excited as does Pacific Rim. Guillermo Del Toro is one of our faves (deservedly so), and we're dying to see his take on a bunch of Giant Mechs fighting a bunch of Giant Monsters. If you have any doubts about this movie whatsoever, put them aside and buy yourself a ticket when it hits theaters on July 12th... it's going to be one hell of an experience.

The trailers for The Conjuring freaked the shit out of us, and it could end up being the best Horror flick of the year, once all is said and done. It looks amazing, and our faith in James Wan is strong, so this is about as big of a must see as there is for us. July 19th can't get here fast enough.

Kick-Ass was one of the most enjoyable flicks that we saw in 2010, and there's no reason that Kick-Ass 2 shouldn't be just a fun. We think it's going top be geeky comic book escapism at its best, so poop on Jim Carrey and his disavowment!

You're Next has been garnering great buzz for the past year or so, and we're stoked that we're finally going to get to see it on the big screen. If it's half as good as its buzz suggests, then Horror fans are in for a real treat come August 23rd.

We've been waiting for a new Riddick flick since we saw The Chrionicles of Riddick in Theaters... and yes, screw the haters, we loved that flick. Our favorite Furian is definitely going to kick September off in the right way.

Just like The Conjuring, the trailer for Insidious 2 creeped us right out, and we can't wait to see what James Wan has in store for us with the sequel. With two highly anticipated flicks on the way for the latter half of 2013, this looks like it's his year, doesn't it?

If you aren't excited to see Machete Kills, then I'm not sure I can relate to you a a human being. Machete was a crazy, over the top action fest that pleased us to no end, and since we're not getting the new Sin City flick until 2014 now, it looks like Danny Trejo is going to have to tide us over until then. That's fine. We're all for fucking with the wrong Mexican.

We saw All the Boys Love Mandy Lane many years ago, before it disappeared into the depths of distribution hell. It's great to see that this long delayed flick is finally getting a theatrical release, even if it's only a Limited one, because we loved it, and it deserves it.

Carrie... will this remake end up sucking, as so many do? It might. We can't help but be excited for it though, and so we're gonna keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Chloe Moretz rocks as hit girl, now lets see if she can pull off sullen and creepy just as well. This is our biggest wild card pick for must see movies.

Park Chan-Wook's Oldboy is a classic; if you haven't ever seen it, or don't even know what the hell it is, you need to get right with yourself, seek it out, and watch is asap. It absolutely does not need a remake in any shape or form, as it's just about perfect the way it is, but we still can't help but want to see what Spike Lee is going to do with his version of the twisted tale. The remake also boasts one hell of a cast including Josh Brolin as our tortured hero, so yeah, we're all in on this one.

Thor 2 is most likely going to be exactly what Thor was; a fun, guilty pleasure comic book flick. Nothing more, nothing less, and we're fine with that. We're really excited to see this one for the potential teases it might have towards the second phase of the Marvel Universe flicks... maybe a hint of Thanos or Guardians of the Galaxy? A Hulk cameo would be cool too.

The fact that we really want to see the second flick in the Hunger Games Trilogy, Catching Fire, will probably earn us a raised eyebrow or two, but we don't care. the books were a good read for what they were, the first flick was solid, and Jennifer Lawrence and her boobs will be in it, so... yeah, we're going to see this one opening weekend. There's also may be a young girl in the family who may be forcing us to take them to see this the day it comes out, so we really have no choice in the matter.

So there it is, our list of our most anticipated flicks for the rest of the year. Sure, our list may differ from yours, but that's only because you're not as right as us, so, looks like it's time for you to change! Don't worry though, we'll be here to help you through the transition.

Katniss, you may have a really, really stupid name, but we will always support you.


  1. Yeah, I'm dying to see Pacific Rim. I also thought All the Boys Love Mandy Lane was terrific. It's ridiculous it took so long for it to come out in the US. I'm really curious to see what Spike Lee does with Oldboy. I'm a big fan of Josh Brolin and the original Korean film. I hope Riddick and Kick-Ass 2 deliver. And I liked Insidious so I'm up for the sequel. I haven't seen the trailer for The Conjuring yet. I need to check that out.

  2. Fantastic post! Many I'd forgotten about :)

  3. I share many of your views, Rick, and therefore respect you :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed with Oldboy, as the original is definitely one of my all time faves.