July 16, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for July 16th

Don't forget that this week starts Best Buy's quarterly Upgrade & Save promotion, which is a really good thing for Blu-ray buyers.

Basically, U&S is where you bring in any used DVD to the Customer Service area at a Best Buy store and receive a $5 coupon toward a Blu-ray movie priced $9.99 or more. I can't tell you how many great flicks we've picked up for $5 using this promo. It's good stuff, and if you're looking to upgrade to BD, or just get rid of some old DVD's you don't ever watch anyway, you should jump on this deal asap.

Click HERE for the complete details and terms.

July's releases haven't compelled us to open up our wallets all that much so far, but this week changes all of that.

The big one of the week is the Evil Dead remake. We're not happy that the Blu-ray doesn't include any of the scenes that were in the trailer, but cut from the film -such as the "We're gonna get you!" part, which boggles the mind as to why they'd cut that- but we just can't resist. Good flick, and we'll be watching it again tonight.

AMC's Hell on Wheels is one of the coolest shows on TV right now, so we have no choice to to grab Season 2 and add it to our collection, especially at that $19.99 price point. Orphan Black was a solid little BBC show too, so we may just grab it as well.

The Lord of the Flies Criterion disc is mighty tempting, and Solomon Kane was a solid B-movie that should look great in Blu-ray.

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Most of the rest of this week's releases are rentals for us, but the DVD releases in particular just seem to scream "Skip it!" The 8 movie pack looks alright for those who still buy their flicks on DVD, and A Little Bit Zombie looks fun, but Darkest Night, Dead Reborn, Road Hell and Zombie Lover all look like cheap student films, which don't interest us in the least.

So, as always, buyer beware.

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