June 14, 2011

Sean Bean was stabbed defending the honor of a whore... I am not even kidding.

As if anyone needed more proof that Sean Bean is awesome, they have it now. If anyone deserves to be out having drink with a hot Playboy/Porn star, It's Eddard Stark. Boromir. Odysseus. John Dawson. I could go on listing his awesome roles, and there are a bunch more, but we all know he's a bad-ass mofo to begin with. Anywho, some chav shot his mouth of to to Bean's lady friend, and Bean told him to piss off. The guy went away, but came back later and punched Bean in the eye, then stabbed him in the arm with a broken bottle. Here's the best part: He refused to go to the hospital, had the pub staff pop a band aid on him, and ordered more drinks. If that's not pimp, I don't know what is.


  1. How is getting his ass kicked considered bad ass? He would've been bad ass if he kicked that guy's ass, not the other way around.

  2. How is getting stabbed and waving off medical attention to keep drinking, not bad ass?

    Most people would run home crying.